Monday May 9th, 2016

Aerobic Capacity Week 2

*Choose one aerobic activity for Monday then another one for Wednesday.


5 minute easy jog

3 rounds
10 lunges with twist
Butt kickers
10 punter kicks
High knees

Hill repeats -find a hill that takes you about 1:30-2 minutes to run up. 8x Hill Repeats- you will run as fast as you can up the hill, then walk down the hill to recover for your next effort.

10 minute cool down



3 minutes easy
2 minutes at 70%
2 minutes at 80%
2 minutes at 90%
1 minute easy

3x10 minute hill climb-
begin climb at 80% increase over the 10 minutes to 94%

5 minute recovery



400 meter run or row

3 rounds
10 frog jumps
10 HR push ups
10 KB swings

4x600 meter build up row-
start at an easy pace, increase your pace each minute. After each 600 row easy for 200 meters before you start the next effort.



500 warm up
(add in some drills- as part of your warm up- catch up drill/1 arm drill/kicking)

10x100 build ups- start each 100 easy and end hard. You will then swim a 100 easy as recovery for the next 100 build up

200 cool down