Member Monday: Dee Gulis

WHY DO YOU RACE? WHAT STARTED YOUR LOVE FOR ENDURANCE SPORTS? I was not born an endurance athlete. Not even close. But as I started to transition into a real adult, it checked a lot of boxes for me. I'm naturally competitive, goal-oriented, and like to push myself in new ways. I also love that it gets me outside and exploring new places all the time.

WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO TRAIN AT KINGFIELD ENDURANCE?  I understood the importance of strength training as an endurance athlete, but never found a way to consistently include it in my training. I was looking for a way to make that happen. Then Lea appeared while I was running around Lake Calhoun one day and the rest, as they say, is history.

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO KINGFIELD ENDURANCE? Kingfield is a community in every sense of the word. I truly look forward to heading to the gym and gutting it out together. It's an eclectic group and both the coaches and athletes alike bring something to the table. Whether I just want to hangout and have fun for an hour or get my butt kicked by a workout, Kingfield's got it. Bonus points because most days it's both!

HOW HAS THE CROSSFIT TRAINING IMPACTED YOUR ENDURANCE SPORT(S) PERFORMANCE?  I can already tell that CrossFit workouts in the off-season have helped me better maintain a base level of speed and fitness. Usually around this time a year, I am dragging myself through runs and rides. I'm really looking forward to ramping up my training, keeping CrossFit in the mix, and seeing how it translates to results while racing this summer.

DO YOU HAVE A MOTTO? During CrossFit workouts, I'll find myself saying "you can do anything for _____ more minutes (or seconds, or rounds, or reps)." That's the beauty of the short and sweet workout. I've started to learn how to translate that mentality to longer workouts, especially in the CT studio.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WORKOUT OR MOVEMENT? I have a love/hate relationship with rowing... love that its both a killer strength and cardio workout, hate that it makes me feel like my lungs are bleeding. I also love Deadlifts, because all those plates make me feel like a B.A!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? Avocados! Anytime, on anything.

WHAT IS YOUR POWER SONG? Anna would probably guess 90's hip-hop, but anything by P!nk will really get me jazzed up.