Goal Setting for Endurance Sports

So sometime in the dead of winter, maybe while having a drink with some friends, you pick out (and put down some money) the races you want to do for this upcoming race season, and you started doing some work to get ready. Then all of the sudden… “Ah snap!”… it’s June and you aren’t sure you are 100% ready for your race! Having a plan in place for your race is just as important to having a plan for your training. Don’t skip these important steps to help get yourself mentally ready for race day.

Step one- Prioritize the race.

Is this race just a fun, shake out the cobwebs and see where you are at for the beginning of this race season? Or is this a big race for you? Maybe you want to Personal Record (PR), qualify for another race or podium. Deciding what you expect from the race is a great first step. Your training up to the race can help you decide, maybe you were going to try and qualify for Boston with this marathon, but your training has not gone according to plan, so now it is a training race and the next race will be the priority.

Step two-
Writing a race plan.

This can be a very tedious step, but can make a huge difference for the mental side of the race. When and how are you traveling to the race? What time are you getting up race morning? What and when are you eating? What is your pace plan for each segment of the race? What is your nutrition/hydration plan for each segment of the race? By having a plan in place for all aspects of your race it can really help with nerves leading up to the race. There are always things you can’t control…who shows up to race, the weather…but writing a race plan can show you how much you do have control over!