What Is an Endurance Athlete?

When most of us think of endurance athletes we think of this

bike rider.png

Or maybe this

When in reality these images only represent a small portion of what an endurance athlete looks like. Here at Kingfield we define an endurance athlete as someone who gets the bulk of their fitness from cardio sessions that last 1 hour or more. Therefore, if you are running, biking or swimming for more than 1 hour at a time, 3 times a week (or more)...YOU are an endurance athlete.

Most of us who participate in endurance events do so because we find joy in the work required, the time we get to spend outside, and the challenge that these types of events present. At Kingfield we understand that these athletes need to challenge themselves with strength training, but still need to be able to train and race. We have developed strength training programming that enhances the work you do when you aren’t at Kingfield.

So maybe you don’t think of yourself as an endurance athlete,but if you are out there putting in the hours on the saddle or miles pounding the pavement you are for sure an endurance athlete. All these people sure are!