There are many things that I have tried over the last two years, a new career, Dogwood coffee, making new friends, responding instead of reacting, being patient, road racing, starting a race team, fat biking, Fat Bike racing… from personal achievements and physical adventures I have tried a lot.  

You never know if you are going to be good at something or enjoy something if you don’t give it a try.  This is a common phrase that I like to use when I coach some of my clients in trying new things, like a 20 inch box jump or a 30 second handstand hold. “You won’t know if you can do it unless you try!”, I say to them. I also utter this phrase to myself when I ride up to the start line of a race or step into a room full of people I don’t know anything about. 

To try new things is what makes us human.  Generally if we are good at that new thing then it becomes something we get passionate about.  And when we become passionate about it then we become dedicated which in turn creates a hobby out of that ‘new thing’. 

For me the newest hobby in my life is Fat Biking.  I am a road racer at heart.  I like to go fast, push the pace, and see how fast I can make it to the finish line.  This is the first year that I have Fat Biked raced.  My husband, Nick Zawadski, was the man that got me interested in the Fat Bike racing scene. He encouraged me to try my hand at it at the first Fat Bike race of the season, The Solstice Chase.  He kept his fingers crossed that I would like it and that I wouldn’t come across the finish line defeated with many choice words to say to him or about the race.  To both of our surprises, I came across the line 6th female overall. I was instantly hooked.  I’m sure the first sentence I uttered as I approached my overly delighted husband was, “That was the hardest thing I have done to date!”.  This is a very common phrase that I state after every new challenge I try in my racing career.  From The Solstice Chase to The 906 Polar Roll, these challenges continue to push me to my limit and force me to trudge on without stopping and to try and reach the finish line.  Mostly to have bragging rights, but also to fulfill my need to feel the satisfaction that comes along with pushing myself to the brink and superseding my ability to overcome in my mind what is the impossible. 

This next weekend is The Great Lakes Fat Biking series finale.  It is held in Cable, WI on the same Birkie course that the cross country ski racers competed on two weekends prior. I am sitting fourth female overall in the race series and hope to sustain this position after completing the race.  The Birkie course is said to be hilly, fast, and no single track; which favors my talents of power plus the ability to climb hills!  It is going to be another grueling race that I will try my best to achieve the impossible. I am sure that this race will end much like the others with a phrase that goes something like this, “That was the hardest thing I have done to date!”