CrossFit Endurance Classes

Our coaches believe that the CrossFit methodology, when paired correctly with sport-specific training, can benefit you greatly in your endurance sport performance. We have put together programing that will allow athletes to get stronger and faster without having to log as many miles on the road. 

On the turf, our coaches are confident incorporating strength training into your endurance programing will knock minutes off your pace and days off your recovery along the way to achieving your best performance yet!

How is Endurance different from CrossFit?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The easy answer is that it doesn't. We employ the methodology CrossFit stands for, utilizing constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensities to promote the greatest systemic adaptation. Now you're thinking, "I'm a cyclist - I don't need to put one hundred pounds over my head and squat it!"

Our response to that is, "You don't but can you imagine what it takes athletically and mentally to do that? Can you imagine having that edge in your next race?" Any of our CFE coaches can offer a more detailed explanation of why you should learn to squat, press, pull and carry to develop your racing potential.

With the increased strength and power capacity that CrossFit enables us to develop, we see not only improved performance in races but benefits to all the steps leading to that performance: improved recovery after training days, decreased mileage, faster splits on all distances, increased power output and better yet, increased power endurance, or the ability to maintain power for an extended period.

This is a recipe for success, no matter your sport. Contact us today for more information from our coaches on why you should sign up!

Class Structure

Class Schedule

Monday: 5:15am, 5:30pm Class
Tuesday: 5:30am Open Gym
Wednesday: 5:15am, 5:30pm Class
Thursday: 5:30pm Open Gym
Friday: 5:15am, 5:30pm Class
Sunday: 8:00am CF Class 

Monthly Membership Rates

Individual Membership  $166
Family Membership $299