CompuTrainer Classes

Cycle Classes

Anna and Lea are endurance coaches and athletes who have found that adding CompuTrainer sessions to your off season training can give you huge gains come spring. We have put together training that will build you from high endurance training in the fall to max effort training in the spring. In the CompuTrainer studio we will help you determine your power threshold and then teach you how to use that number to take your training to the next level. This type of indoor training will help you build on the training you did over the summer, or help you start fresh in preparation for the next cycling season.

October-April Class Schedule

Monday: 6:15am & 6:00pm (Workout #1)
Tuesday: 5:30am, 6:45am, & 6:00pm (Repeat Workout #1)
Wednesday: 6:15am & 6:00pm (Workout #2)
Thursday: 5:30am & 6:00pm (Repeat Workout #2)
Friday: 6:00am (60 Min Course)
Saturday: 7:00am & 9:00am (90 Min Course)

*All Classes start riding at the posted time.  All week day classes are an hour in length, Saturday's classes are an hour and a half and every other Sunday is a 2 hour ride. On Friday's and the weekends, riders enjoy riding a course. 

May-September Class Schedule

Tuesday: 6:00am and 6:00pm

Monthly Membership Rates

Individual Membership $166/month

Family Membership $299/month


*To add Endurance Strength Training to your Cycle Membership

Individual Membership $218/month

Family Membership $402/month


Bike storage is available for an additional fee of $18/month.* If you are interested in renting a storage spot then contact one of the coaches.

*Please note that Kingfield Cycle is not responsible for any loss or theft of your personal property.